The excellent essay is written only by excellent writers

Do you have a task to write an essay? Wondering if you need to tell how to get started and how many pages should you write? And you’re starting to search the internet for the requirements and ways of writing
The essay is the easiest way to express your thoughts. Although there are no strict rules for structure and writing, you can still stick to the standards. Translation from French means “experience”, that is, your attempt to write something.

First introduction – this is the beginning of your text, where the reader will be guided by what follows in the essay. Several common sentences.

The thesis – the main idea you will defend. Think about it a few times and write it down

Exposition – try to defend your idea in the most original way you can. Use evidence-quotes, historical events.

Conclusion – the final, which should summarize and reinforce the writing. Normally, 2-3 pages are enough for the whole essay.

These are the rules for writing an essay. But do not think that if you keep them, the result will be excellent. The excellent essay is written only by the excellent ones. The best writers have a rich language culture, read a lot of books, can cite popular aphorisms and above all have the talents of artists. The best writers of essays have the talent of writers and great imagination They support interesting ideas, present them in an easy-to-read and original way. As absurd to be a thesis, a good writer will make you believe in it, will conquer you with the style of writing will shock you with something new and unfamiliar to you. If these qualities do not apply to you, adhere to the written essay writing standards and you will still do well. You may not be able to put a feeling and a sufficient dose of originality, but do not give up. Perfect essays leave for the real

How do we argue our thesis in the essay in the best way?

When writing an essay, you are trying to keep your idea. You have the right to develop your own idea is always better. This idea can be different, new, non-standard, but it is important to be well protected. If you do not do well with the arguments, your essay will be superficial and your attempt to impose your idea, failure the thesis in the essay in the best way?

When writing an essay, you are trying to keep your idea. You have the right to develop your own idea is always better. This idea can be different, new, non-standard, but it is important to be well protected. If you do not do well with the arguments, your essay will be superficial and your attempt to impose your idea, failure. As a start, you should have a thesis about your essay. Think about it well. Do not have a hurry to write. Do you have anything to say about it, excite, deny this idea or agree with it? Why is it important to share this idea with everyone?

Once you’ve built up what you’re going to write, it’s time to think about how you’ll prove your thoughts? This will usually be in the form of a paragraph, or several paragraphs, depending on the length of your essay and the importance of the point you are making.

The argument means – reason, proof, argument. So look for the reason to write about this topic, your inner conviction and support it with facts – textbooks, books, documentaries, academic journals, scientific journals, newspapers, official reports.

Even if you are an expert in a certain field, don’t hesitate to use and cite external sources. It will point to your ability to collect and select only the most relevant sources. Besides, direct and indirect quotes are needed to support your knowledge of academic writing style.

When you get enough arguments, it’s time to figure out which ones to use and protect which ones you will quote. The audience in front of which you will present your idea may have been unaware of it, so being exhaustive. Note the ideas opposite to your topic and say why you do not support them. Do not forget to be interesting. The current content is difficult to accept even if it is well written.

The most common mistakes in essay argument

The essay has become the most popular way of writing. It is used in high schools and universities. It is possible to finally get out of the vicious circle of well-thought-out ready-made texts and analyzes and to enable students to demonstrate their text-writing skills in all its aspects – from the level of grasping the basic grammatical rules of the language to the ability to defend a thesis and to expose it in writing. This is a form of passing an idea that needs to be defended. Or at least try to protect it well. Because the essay translated from French means “experience.” A well-protected theme with good arguments will get a good score. I can say that mistakes are the result of misunderstanding the essay. Many mistaken it with a reference or a narrative. There are elements of them, but you have the right to a personalized argumentation position. Here are some mistakes admittance when exposing data and facts:


  • Relevance – All the details you use should be on the topic for which you are writing. Do not use chaotic facts that are unrelated to the writing, just to fill the text. It is also a mistake to skip a well-known fact. Do not expose data without suggesting reasoning

  • Accuracy – Take very good care of your sources. Do not just refer to the internet, visit the library. Check their authenticity from a few places. Because the wrong facts lower the rating of your essay.

  • Clear definition – Do not write incomprehensible. Use short sentences – easier to perceive and remember.

  • Sufficiency. Be exhaustive to persuade the reader in your idea. Write your arguments by supporting them with at least three facts, and use statements opposite to yours.

Essential skills to write a good essay

To write a good essay you need a long practice in this area, but that is not enough and a few tools that will help you.

The most important thing is reading – so enrich your personal dictionary and take up a lot of information. This will help you unfold your idea entirely. If read more – more you know and this will help you write a good essay.

Think – before you start writing. What idea will you defend and why? Do you have anything to say about it? Is it interesting for the audience? Answer all these questions.

Sources you will use. Be careful, do not present the wrong information, use official and reliable sources. Do not rely solely on the internet, look also in the library.

The tone of writing – conform to the type of essay. If it is creative or argumentative, it depends on which tone you will use.

The introduction of the essay-time is to start and in this part to write in general about the topic, enter the audience.

The thesis should not be more than 2-3 sentences and must be synthesized. This is your basic idea and you must clearly define it

Create an argument – you do not have to cover the whole topic. Find one aspect and look at it in detail.

Support your argument – find the balance between emotion and facts, so as not to be a boring or superficial essay. Use trustworthy sources, cite right.

Conclusion – here is the final of your essay. Just summarize the most important thing until now in an impressive way and you’re done. The final must be memorable.

Check for errors – the good essay is free of grammatical errors. Make sure you check it out carefully before handing it over. Note that the text is consistent and not chaotic.