The excellent essay is written only by excellent writers

Do you have a task to write an essay? Wondering if you need to tell how to get started and how many pages should you write? And you’re starting to search the internet for the requirements and ways of writing
The essay is the easiest way to express your thoughts. Although there are no strict rules for structure and writing, you can still stick to the standards. Translation from French means “experience”, that is, your attempt to write something.

First introduction – this is the beginning of your text, where the reader will be guided by what follows in the essay. Several common sentences.

The thesis – the main idea you will defend. Think about it a few times and write it down

Exposition – try to defend your idea in the most original way you can. Use evidence-quotes, historical events.

Conclusion – the final, which should summarize and reinforce the writing. Normally, 2-3 pages are enough for the whole essay.

These are the rules for writing an essay. But do not think that if you keep them, the result will be excellent. The excellent essay is written only by the excellent ones. The best writers have a rich language culture, read a lot of books, can cite popular aphorisms and above all have the talents of artists. The best writers of essays have the talent of writers and great imagination They support interesting ideas, present them in an easy-to-read and original way. As absurd to be a thesis, a good writer will make you believe in it, will conquer you with the style of writing will shock you with something new and unfamiliar to you. If these qualities do not apply to you, adhere to the written essay writing standards and you will still do well. You may not be able to put a feeling and a sufficient dose of originality, but do not give up. Perfect essays leave for the real